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FLOWMONT GmbH and Partner offer you a high-precision measurement with laser measuring technology in addition to conventional surveying work (e.g. by means of machine, shaft and frame water scales, measuring clocks, levelling devices or theodolite). Job measurements are carried out in various industrial applications in optical 3D measurement.

  • Hall measurements

Existing drawing data is transferred to the measuring system in dwg or dxf format for the positioning of machine parts. These position data are marked on hall floors and foundation slabs with special cut-off measuring devices. A high-precision tachymeter (NET05 or NET1) is used as a measuring instrument, which automatically tracks the target device in the “tracking” mode and provides the current position at any time compared to the target position.

  • Alignment

During and after the assembly of machine parts, their 3D position can be checked. In particular, rollers can be aligned to the machine reference axis by means of machine water scales and measuring clocks.

  • Positioning

The positioning is based on the dimension according to the existing reference point or in dwg or dxf file. Depending on the technology used, the alignment is carried out with accuracy in the 0.1 mm range. Even the slightest deviations mean the greatest losses and increased assembly effort.

Measuring instruments


  • Execution of precise cut-off work
  • Alignment of machine elements
  • Positioning and alignment of portal milling and drilling rigs
  • Measurement of assemblies and web runs
  • Measurement on carrier systems of various types.

Rotalign Ultra iS

  • Detection of hundreds of measuring positions, automatic evaluation of the measurement quality and filtering of the measuring points
  • Practical alignment for uncoupled shafts
  • Simultaneous monitoring and display of machine corrections in vertical and horizontal planes
  • Detection of large misalignments and widely separated machines
  • Measurement of cardan shafts in the built-in state

Leveling machines

  • Extreme robustness and highest measurement precision
  • Ideally designed optics
  • Shortest target width of 50 cm
  • 24x magnification
  • Single measurement with 30 m target width 1.2 mm.


  • Telescope with 30x magnification
  • Above-average optics
  • Lens opening 45 mm
  • Reading horizontally 10 inches (2 mgon)
  • Reading vertical 20 inches (5 mgon)
  • Accuracy 5 inches
  • Can be used with laser solder or optical solder
  • Cross tables for precise setup on e.g. parallel machine center axes

Rotary laser

  • Self-leveling tilt rotation laser for fast straightening work
  • Accuracy of < 0.1/m
  • Horizontal and vertical alignment (cross line laser red and green)
  • Slope adjustment
  • Height transfer
  • Transferring right angles and solder points from the ground

Crossline laser

  • 360o Horizontal line
  • 4 switchable vertical lines and solder point
  • Tolerance: 1.5 mm per 10 m
  • Working area: 40 m
  • Motorized Self-Levelingunq x 4°
  • 5/8″ connection, side fine drive, adjustable leg screws
  • For aligning components and transferring floor and ceiling points

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