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Assembly service for single and complete assembly

FLOWMONT GmbH and its employees in the fields of mechanics, electrics, hydraulics, pneumatics, application and commissioning take over the assembly service for individual and complete assembly on a contract basis.

FLOWMONT GmbH has the experience to offer you, on the basis of handed over layouts, machine drawings, e-plans, schedules and of course personal information, partial or complete montages. The rich experience of FLOWMONT GmbHemployeesmakes it possible to develop fixed prices.

You will receive a qualified offer in which you will find the presentation of the required lifting, assembly and measuring technology, the provision of installation material and, of course, the assembly and installation with functional test.

A new challenge motivates our entire team. Your trust in FLOWMONT GmbHwill be the next big task for us.

In-house assembly

In the event of capacity bottlenecks in your order situation or final assembly area, FLOWMONT GmbH is a high-performance partner with first-class experience in machine and plant assembly and takes care of:

  • Logistics of machine and plant parts as well as installation material
  • Final assembly of the machines and systems in cooperation with your experienced line guides
  • electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic installation of the machines
  • mechanical and electrical functional samples in cooperation with your experienced line guides
  • Commissioning in cooperation with your experienced commissioning employees
  • after successful final acceptance, the system is dismantled, delivered to your end customers and, if desired, on-site assembly up to the functional test or commissioning
  • Measurements – Bus/Networks and DIN VDE
  • On request further services in cooperation with our qualified partners

Machine storage

For the temporary, convenient and safe interim storage of your machines, FLOWMONT GmbH offers optimal storage space: available daily, clean, dry, tempered, flexible layout, conveniently located, video-monitored and equipped with the necessary lifting and loading technology.

As far as is necessary, we also take care of the dismantling of the machine, the removal and the storage with preservation.

Retrieved from you, the outsourcing with transport to the newly planned installation takes place, if necessary with the insertion and assembly of the machine.


Are you planning to build a completely new factory on a “green meadow”? The move-in performance between truck and positioning is not part of the contract of your plant suppliers?

FLOWMONT GmbH is your contact person and a reliable contractual partner for the unloading, unpacking, insertion and positioning of your plant technology.

FLOWMONT GmbH, with its qualified employees and the necessary crane and lifting technology, which is sourced cost-effectively on site, provides all move-in services. Whether individual plants or complete production plants, FLOWMONT GmbH approaches every new task motivated.


Due to the rapid development of production technology, the need to produce cost-effectively and, if possible, to be close to the end user, or simply to optimize the need for in-house production processes, our customers are constantly on the move with their production facilities. Movement, that is, today production relocation.

FLOWMONT GmbH is your qualified contact for removals of machines and production plants. You will receive a complete package from consulting, planning, preparation, execution, commissioning to production support.

Service partner

With increasingly successful cooperation with our clients, a trusting basis develops quite often at a high quality level, which amounts to long-term cooperation in the interests of both partners.

FLOWMONT GmbH is your service partner for:

  • Final Montages
  • Delivery montages
  • Applications and commissioning
  • Operator briefings
  • Production accompaniments
  • Rotational maintenance and maintenance

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