As the industrialist Henry Ford (1863-1947) correctly recognized,

the meeting is a start, cohesion is a progress and cooperation of success.

Supplier pool

FLOWMONT GmbH offers you further areas of performance in the implementation of complex tasks through the actual core business of machine and plant assembly with a number of cooperation partners.

According to your requirements, you will receive a complete offer from a single source, in which your ideas are professionally implemented.

With a qualified, motivated and flexible supplier pool, the following services are available to you if necessary:

We ensure an optically uniform machine park from the machining of new and used machines, to the de-rusting, cleaning and spatula work, primer, prepainting, painting, preservation, maintenance and maintenance work.

FLOWMONT GmbH has a wide range of heavy lifting technology:

  • Hydraulic lifters up to 60 t
  • Heavy duty suspensions up to 60 t
  • Hanging harnesses up to 60 t

If required, special lifting technology is planned cost-effectively and used on site: e.g. hydraulic lifting scaffolds, boom track or air cushion technology.

FLOWMONT GmbH and its partners provide you with the desired complete package for:

  • Heat and cold insulation
  • Sound insulation
  • Fire protection insulation

FLOWMONT GmbH and Partners offer you in combination
with a manufacturer’s qualification according to DIN 18800-7:2002-09 (welding of steel components) and DIN EN ISO 3834-2 certificate In-house assembly of plants and plant parts.

An extensive, high-performance machine park, the heart of our partner company, is ready for new challenges.

Based on many years of experience, the partners of FLOWMONT GmbH offer you the desired competence in control cabinet construction.

Our experienced employees in the areas of project planning, production and commissioning create plants according to your specifications and plans and put your task into practice:

Manufacture of complex control cabinets according to your specifications, conversion of existing control cabinets, wiring, cable assembly, machine cabling, labelling up to the commissioning of the switchgear.

Whether in the event of a machine relocation or the delivery of your machines from the manufacturer’s plant, FLOWMONT GmbH takes over the planning and processing for the on-time transport services on your behalf.

FLOWMONT GmbH works closely with qualified,national and international transport companies from the areas of general cargo, heavy duty and export.

FLOWMONT GmbH and Partner offer you an innovative process for dry, abrasion-free cleaning of your machine and machine parts with the following advantages:

  • mobile use with blasting equipment, dry ice and compressor on site
  • no disassembly of the plant parts necessary
  • Reduced downtimes
  • Cleaning of electronic components possible
  • No damage to rubber or glass

Safe packaging is part of a smooth, harmless transport of your machines and plant parts.

FLOWMONT GmbH and Partner manufacture tailor-made transport boxes made of wood, transport floors, fittings, heavy-duty crates and disposable boxes to protect your machines from moisture, impact or impact. The machines are packaged directly on site. We are happy to convince you of our performance of a complete packaging.


FLOWMONT GmbH attaches great importance to a long-term cooperation with all its suppliers. Extensive partnership relationships have developed, including with the following companies.

Hofmeister Maschinen- und Stahlbau GmbH

Spedition Hofmann & Co. GmbH

HOFMANN & ENGEL Product Development GmbH

Gutachterbüro Schmieder

Non-profit commitment

In our society, private companies play an essential role as supporters and sponsors in the work of associations and for social institutions and support associations.

Conscious of this responsibility, FLOWMONT GmbH performs this task for the following clubs.

SV Rotation Weißenborn

Hospice and palliative care service BEGLEITENDE HÄNDE e.V.

Feuerwehrhistorikverein Weißenborn/Berthelsdorf e.V.