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FLOWMONT GmbH is your qualified partner for

  • planning electrical systems
  • the procurement and delivery of material
  • the installation of cable tray systems
  • the complete electrical installation
  • the execution of functional tests up to commissioning

FLOWMONT GmbH’s extensive range of services includes:


  • Editing link controls
  • Processing of flow controllers
  • dynamic addressing
  • Structuring programs
  • Configuration
  • Circuit structure

Our application engineers offer qualified solutions as a precursor for “hot commissioning”.


  • Software customization and installation
  • Drive commissioning
  • Safety circuit (safety commissioning)
  • Commissioning of automatic stations
  • Commissioning chains
  • Robotteaching
  • Analysis and optimization of NC programs

The primary goal of our commissioning companies and programmers is success-oriented acceptance in cooperation with your specialists in process technology.

Measurements – Bus/Networks

FLOWMONT GmbH offers the following measuring systems in order to be able to evaluate measurement data and sources of error in bus systems:

  • Measurement for the certification of Profinet networks
  • Testing of networks up to Category 7
  • Fault location in the cable system
  • Output of a wiring plan (correct plug assignment)
  • Creation of a network overview with current IP addresses (with Software Pro.Scan)
  • Evaluation of the installation quality of the Profibus lines
  • Determination of the cable length actually laid
  • Measurement of line impedance
  • Detection of cable and screen interruptions
  • Logging the actual state
  • Detection of physical errors
  • Transmission quality of telegrams
  • Detection of participants and their signal strength
  • Analysis of the Profibus system by means of oscilloscope
  • Recording of long-term tests for infrequent errors
  • Logging the quality of the Profibus system (Profibus segment)

Measurements – DIN VDE

FLOWMONT GmbH is an electrical specialist company registered in the trade sroll, which has the necessary measuring systems and the trained specialist personnel to carry out these tests.

The following tests can be carried out by qualified FLOWMONT GmbH employees:

  • Testing of plants in accordance with DIN VDE 0100
  • Tests in accordance with accident prevention regulation DGUV Regulation 3
  • Testing of electrical equipment of machines in accordance with DIN VDE 0113-1/EN 60204-1
  • Testing of equipment, electrical equipment in accordance with DIN VDE 0701-0702

Measuring instruments

Profinet/Network Measurement (FLUKE DSX 600)

  • Documentation and certification
  • CAT 6 measurement
  • Measurement of cable length.

Profibus measurement

  • Physical quality analysis
  • Topology scan
  • Measurements during operation
  • Line test
  • Documentation.

Installation tester (according to DIN VDE 0100 & DGUV 3)

  • DIN VDE Measurement of the installed electrical system
  • Compliance with the applicable provisions for the establishment of low-voltage systems
  • Logging.

Machine tester according to DIN VDE 0113-1/EN 60204-1 (BEHA/AMPROBE-MACHINEmaster)

  • Protective conductor voltage case
  • Insulation measurement
  • Residual voltage measurement
  • Protective conductor resistance measurement
  • Load current, voltage and power measurement
  • Compliance with machine safety.

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